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Self-Care + Quarantine 🧘🏾‍♀️

Self-Care + Quarantine 🧘🏾‍♀️

If you’re in need of a “pick me up” during quarantine, you’ve come to the right place. Mocha Glow is all about helping the world prioritize their self-care and what better time to do that than now? It’s in your best interest to stay home, and at least  6 feet away from others. It’s also in your best interest to take this time to give your mind, body and soul a little TLC! We’ve got everything you need from skin-care tools, all natural skin-care products and self-care essentials like intention candles. We’re all about helping people put their health and happiness first! 

As the mother of a two year old, quarantine has taught me a lot about myself, and It’s also taught me a lot about Peppa Pig & George. (If you know, you know.) I learned that sitting in my room with steam running across my face from my Facial Steamer, my LED room Light’s flashing my favorite colors and my meditation candle burning a tropical aroma...... I can pretty much GUARENTEE that’ll be the most relaxing 30-60 minutes of my day. It also leaves me with moisturized supple skin, so that’s a major plus! 

I say that to say, the little things that you make a point to do for yourself throughout the day are important. Don’t let quarantine throw you off of your routine. As a matter of fact, let quarantine be the reason that you try new things and create a new and improved one! Thanks for reading! 

With Love,

Massata Dieng 

CEO, Mocha Glow 🥀

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  • This sounds like the perfect quarantine solution. I don’t a two-year but Work can get quite stressful. I have the lights, a face mask, now all i need is a meditation candle ! Thanks for sharing.

    Sonya W.

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