Sensitive Skin Cream
Sensitive Skin Cream

Sensitive Skin Cream

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Tired of those uncomfortable, itchy outbreaks? Try our wonderful skin cream to relieve the symptoms of uncomfortable skin ailments. Each ingredient we choose is for a specific benefit to the skin/body or mind. In this recipe we use very specific ingredients chosen to combat the ailments directly so that you may find relief and comfort knowing that what you're putting on your body is all natural and good for you! No more steroid creams! people 5 and up with severe patches.


✨Organic Shea Butter- Naturally rich in Vitamins A, C and F these balance out the skin and help to combat skin issues and dry, flaky skin.
✨Mango Butter-Wonderfully emollient and treats a variety of conditions including but not limited to Eczema and dermatitis.

✨Organic Coconut Oil- Naturally antibacterial and penetrates deep attacking the dry, flaky skin. ✨Beeswax-A natural protectant aiding in keeping your skin strong and supple.

✨Kukui Nut Oil- A deep penetrating oil that moisturizes and provides vitamins and antioxidants to upset skin.
✨Organic Hemp Seed Oil-A potent oil packed with vitamins, minerals and nine essential amino acids. Excellent relief for skin issues.
✨Organic Avocado Oil-Another vitamin packed oil great for skin issues.
✨Organic Black Seed Oil- A highly prized oil known for it's benefits to almost everything in the body. Highly nutritive and studies have shown it's effectiveness on the skin.
✨Organic Argan Oil- A great oil for the hair and skin known for it's benefits and effectiveness. ✨Organic Bergamot Oil-Antibacterial and effective on many skin issues and has a lovely scent.
✨Peru Balsam Oil- Antiseptic and effective on skin issues.
✨Organic Carrot Seed Oil- Helps to treat the accumulation of toxins and combats skin issues. ✨Organic Aloe Powder- Used to soothe and treat skin conditions. Vitamin E Oil- Heals troubled skin and diminishes scarring.
✨Organic Lavender Oil- Heals skin. 

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