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Mocha Glow

Golden Hour Kit

Golden Hour Kit

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Transform Your Skin with the Golden Hour Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Flawless, Radiant Skin

Unveil a radiant complexion and unleash your inner glow with the Golden Hour Kit by Mocha Glow. This carefully crafted 5-step skin-care routine is designed to transform your skin and boost your confidence to new heights. Targeting dark spots, uneven skin tone, and signs of aging, our organic ingredients work harmoniously to reveal a luminous and youthful appearance. Experience the remarkable results of our nourishing formulas, carefully selected for their efficacy. The Golden Hour Kit is your passport to a radiant glow and a newfound sense of confidence. Elevate your beauty routine and unlock the golden hour of your skin with Mocha Glow.

Step 1: Brightening Cleanser (6oz) - Begin your journey with our indulgent Brightening Cleanser. Infused with organic Aloe Vera juice, nourishing Shea Butter, and the brightening power of Kojic Acid and Turmeric, this cleanser gently removes impurities while promoting a more even skin tone. Let the refreshing scents of Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils uplift your senses as you cleanse away the day.

Step 2: Glow Getter Mask (2oz) - Indulge in some self-care with our Glow Getter Mask (1-2 times a week), the ultimate treat for your skin. This rejuvenating mask harnesses the power of Kaolin Clay, Kojic Acid, and Turmeric Extract to detoxify and brighten your complexion. Infused with Organic Lemon Essential Oil and Vitamin E, this mask revitalizes dull skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and glowing with natural radiance.

Step 3: Even Tone Glow Toner (4oz) - Next, achieve balanced and luminous skin with our Even Tone Glow Toner. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and the soothing properties of Turmeric, this toner helps to refine pores, reduce redness, and restore your skin's natural radiance. Licorice Root Extract adds a touch of brightness, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and ready for the next steps.

Step 4: Dark Spot Corrector Serum (1oz) - Unleash the power of our Dark Spot Corrector Serum and wave goodbye to those stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Formulated with a potent blend of Aloe Vera, Kojic Acid, and Papaya Seed Oil, this serum targets and fades dark spots, revealing a more even and youthful complexion. The added benefits of Lemon Essential Oil and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) enhance the skin's natural glow and promote a brighter appearance.

Step 5: Brighter Days Moisturizer (2oz) - Nourish and hydrate your skin with our luxurious Brighter Days Moisturizer. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera juice, Shea Butter, and Papaya Extract, this moisturizer replenishes moisture levels, improves skin elasticity, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The combination of Licorice Root Extract and Kojic Acid provides an extra dose of brightness, ensuring your skin looks supple, radiant, and irresistibly youthful.

Step 6: Apply Sunscreen During The Day.

Directions for Use:

  1. Start by cleansing your face with the Brightening Cleanser, massaging it onto damp skin in gentle, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.
  2. Treat yourself to a weekly indulgence with the Glow Getter Mask. Apply it to your face, allow it to dry and then rinse it off. 
  3. Follow up with the Even TONE Glow Toner. Spray it directly to your face or apply to a cotton pad and gently sweep across your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow it to absorb into your skin before moving on to the next step. 
  4. Apply a small amount of the  Dark Spot Corrector Serum to areas with dark spots or hyper-pigmentation. Massage it in using upward strokes until fully absorbed.
  5. Massage a small amount of the Brighter Day Moisturizer directly onto your dark marks.
  6. Apply sunscreen during the day. 




  • Crafted with the finest organic ingredients for pure and effective skincare
  • Targets and reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone
  • Comprehensive 5-step routine for a holistic approach to skincare
  • Formulated with nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Juice
  • Gentle yet powerful, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Harnesses natural brightening agents like Kojic Acid, Turmeric, and Licorice Root Extract
  • Provides anti-aging benefits with ingredients like Niacinamide and Vitamin E
  • Ethically sourced and formulated without harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates
  • Delivers a luxurious spa-like experience with aromatic scents of Tea Tree, Lemon, and Organic Essential Oils
  • Visible results reported by numerous satisfied customers, with brighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.


After cleansing your face with our Brightening cleanser, apply your mask (2-3x a week) next, spray the evenTONEglow Toner on to a cotton ball or pad and apply to your face. Finish off with our Dark Spot Corrector Serum and our Brighter Days Moisturizer. YOU MUST APPLY SUNSCREEN AFTER USING THESE PRODUCTS. 


Brightening Cleanser - Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Decyl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Shea Butter, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Kojic Acid, Organic Turmeric, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Ethehexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol 

Even Tone Glow TonerOrganic Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin B3, Turmeric, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Licorice Root Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol.

Dark Spot Corrector Serum Aloe Vera, Guar Gum , Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Kojic Acid, Papaya Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oi,  Ethehexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E Oil, Vitamin B3, Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Lemon Essential Oil.

Brighter Days Moisturizer - Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Emulsifying Wax NF, Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, Sodium Lactate, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Kojic Acid, Papaya Extract, Licorice Root Extract,  Ethelhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol

Glow Getter Mask - Kaolin Clay, Emulsifying Wax, NF, Stearic Acid, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Kojic Acid, Sunflower Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Papaya Extract, Turmeric Extract, Licorice Root, Extract Vitamin E.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
pilar lewiel
Wash and dark spot removal

Helps get rid of the dark spots I love it

It works

It's too about 3 weeks to see results,

Last Review I made a mistake and Put 5 stars

This Product is an absolute waste of money. I do not recommend at all. I have been using for 2 weeks and see NO difference in my dark spots. VERY upset that I wasted $100 DO NOT waste your money!!

Thank you for your feedback on our product. We understand your frustration with not seeing a difference in your dark spots after two weeks of use. While some customers notice results within that time frame, it can take longer for others due to individual variations.

We recommend that you continue using the product and ensure you're also using sunscreen for the best results. Consistency and prolonged use can contribute to achieving the desired outcome.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and remain committed to your satisfaction. We encourage you to keep using the kit! :)

Thank you for your understanding.

Zee Moore
I can feel th difference in my skin already!

Just started using this product and I can feel the difference in my soon


If have not purchased please do so my face looks amazing